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Veganline.com sells vegan or vegetarian shoes & boots online

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Cheap vegan womens shoe, trainer-like

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cheap vegan womens shoe made in Spain in a trainer-like shape, washable, and on a hard sole. PU upper with breather holes and towelling lining

Vegan womens
Aerobic Trainer

£26.50 UK delivered

  • Plastic top with a cotton towelling lining and holes at the front for air circulation
  • Washable
  • Made in Spain
  • Made in a democracy
  • Made in a welfare state
  • vegan non-leather shoe materials
  • Slightly puckered finish in front of the laces
  • Hard sole: this isn't a trainer but a cheap shoe that looks like one, just to use at an aerobic class
  • Or maybe it's called that because it has air-holes at the front
If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a good vegan shoe, you can spend under £30 on a not-so-bad one made in Spanish working conditions.
The upper material is just plastic, but it has holes - fourteen of them - punched over the toe area for breath-ability, just in front of the place where the seam puckers a bit round the front of the laces. Inside, the shoe and it is lined with terry towelling for absorbency, and the tongue is a cushioned breathable fabric.
There isn't any great cushioning or shock-absorption in the sole, but it does have "shock absorption" moulded into the heel, so there might be a little, and the simple construction looks as though it will survive a gentle machine wash, so that's an advantage. There's also a couple of millimetres of foam cushioning in the upper material itself.

womens vegan thigh boot with breathable upper and 1.5" high heel - as shown at London Fashion Week Jane high heel vegan womens boot for under €100 - just size UK7 left

Breathable microfibre boot with an inside zip, on a 1½" heel, made in the UK. Sizes run about one smaller than the size labels.

£84.50 UK delivered

As shown at London Fashion week for five times the price

London Fashion Week estethica shows Veganline.com's high heel Jane boots


Made in UK    - Amnesty - Human Rights Watch - EthicalTrade.org-AZO-VOC- Jobs

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