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Veganline.com sells vegan or vegetarian shoes & boots online

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Hemp tyre-sole boot

mary-jane shoe >

European-made boots with an eco-friendly hemp canvas top and a tyre sole.

no longer sold

Vegan boot:
Unswoosher V2 boot from Adbusters

rough-edge boot; hemp top & tyre sole - scroll down for more
Just size 40 / small size 7 left
£73.50 UK delivered -

  • Made in Portugal
  • Made in a democracy
    8.5/10: Full democracy
  • Made in a welfare state
  • Breathable boot upper
  • Recycled car tyre boot sole
  • Organic hemp upper made in Romania, @ 7.05/10 a flawed democracy & welfare state
  • Hemp requires less watering & pest control than cotton
  • vegan non-leather boot materials
  • There is a minimal scrim lining but this wears-away after a few months' use.
  • Boots have black canvas tops sometimes smeared with mud right out of the box. Recent batches in popular sizes are now black but muddy boots like the one below are still on the shelves. More recent batches look like these, this side view and this top.
  • Blobbed with white paint for you to add your own logo with a felt pen. A spiral is traditional in Canada where people like to spiral-out US corporate logos, but you could add your own initials or a proposed tattoo or nothing at all if you like.
  • Organic canvas upper woven from hemp stalk fibres in Romania for Ecolution - a company proud of its employment record.
  • Made in Portugal - a country with courts votes & free hospitals. Employment conditions of staff involve long hours in quite a pleasant place with low living costs. There is a good union reference for the factory. Unsocial hours are seldom worked.
  • Early batches were an experiment in crowd-sourced footwear. There's a sheet about how to "rethink the cool" older batches include a share certificate in a buying group and a leaflet gushing with suggestions about how a fashion for blacking-out big brands can invigorate people re-open a bicycle factory or at least a coffee shop.
  • Red spot for kicking Captain Blithe off the Bounty - or whoever similar comes to mind.
    One review said "The red spots sometimes wear off"

muddy Blackspot unswoosher boot with a hemp canvas top and a recycled tyre sole

Boot with hemp canvas top and tyre-sole, front view

The shoes are made in European-size lasts Blackspot's own experience of size conversion rates them a bit larger in UK sizes than the standard length gage, probably because the shape is foot-shape and fits well. Standard foot length conversions are on the drop-down ordering menu

Hemp-top boot with a car tyre sole and red spot on the front "for kicking corporate ass"

hello there

Hemp-top boot with a car tyre sole and red spot on the front "for kicking corporate ass"
plenty of rough edges showing from the top view plenty of rough edges showing from the top
hemp canvas shown from the side. The white spot is for you to add your own logo hemp canvas boot shown from the side. The white spot is for you to add your own logo to the boot.Backspot boot size chart: slightly larger than the standard length conversion when converting Euro sizes to UK .
 Made in - PortugalAmnesty - Human Rights Watch
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