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Comfortable vegan Mary-Jane sandal

Vegan womens
summer sandal

£29.50 UK delivered

  • Highly breathable honeycomb upper
  • Comfortable in summer
  • Wide fitting, but close round the toe
  • No toe puff
  • Removable 5mm thick insole
  • Washable
  • Grippy rubber sole
  • Made in Alicante, Spain
  • Made in a democracy
  • Made in a welfare state
  • vegan non-leather shoe materials
  • scroll-down for a cheap womens slip-on shoe
There's a tradition in South Europe of people wearing highly breathable, comfortable shoes. Often it's older people who do it, calling the shoes "T-bags" and choosing styles that you probably wouldn't wear to job interview. Just recently a firm in Alicante has started making some quite respectable Mary-Janes out of the same kind of fabric - a spongy honeycomb design that stretches around your feet and breathes so well in hot weather that you could make a mask out of it. Customer feedback is that they are a stubby broad-toe shape without extra space in front of the toes. Sales points are geared to the comfort and disability market: the shoe is washable, the heel stiffener springs-up; the thick foam insole is removable for a second-chance at fitting, the strap has a touch-fastening system so it fits accurately, and the shoes have an anti-bacterial treatment . But you probably didn't want to know that; the comfort features are a bonus. These are just informal every-day comfortable shoes that you could wear to an office, if not always to a job interview. They even come in a smart box, with the "Sanitized" tag very small in case you're giving the shoes as a present.

Economical everyday womens vegan shoes with small microfibre patches
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Vegan womens
wedge slip-on shoe

£14.50 UK delivered

  • Made in China
  • Made in a democracy
    3.04/10: Authoritarian regime according to the economist intelligence unit.
    Made in a welfare state
  • part-Breathable upper

Polyurethane uppers with padding and microfibre breathable patches.
The shoe can be soaked or gently washed in warm water.

Simple washable shoe with a ridged plastic sole glued to a plastic and microfibre top. The microfibre patches at the sides ventilate sponge pads under the arch of the foot and a perforated insole. The top has two elastic sides to make the shoe easy to slip-on when you're in a rush. Talking of rushing, this shoe isn't going to be re-stocked as sizes run-out, so it could be that you should hurry while stocks last. Or not.
Made in China - Amnesty is not allowed to operate in China - Human Rights Watch - AZO - VOC
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