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Veganline.com sells vegan or vegetarian shoes & boots online

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UK-made vegan court shoe, black

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Vegan womens court shoe

£39.50 delivered UK

People usually find the fit of court shoes about half a size small - if you are not expecting a tight shoe, please order one size larger than usual. We will include a removable foam toe insole so you can experiment with it in or out.

  • rubber sole
  • 1" heel
  • Breathable upper
  • absorbent lining
  • Made in UK
  • vegan non-leather shoe materials

Vegan fashion reports often begin by saying that a typical vegan shoe isn't fashionable, and that an enthusiast has promoted some wonderful line of fashionable high heel womens shoes to show what can be done to put things right. Recently the range available has got better, with shoes made in the UK or Europe, but the starting-point of trying to produce "fashion" often produces things that not many people wear; it's a word that suggests the parts of shoe choice that are hard to pin-down, with an emphasis on what changes or what's different. Looking at a typical London tube train or a queue at a bus stop, it's rare to see anyone bother with high heels and a wholesaler that sells all sorts of shoes sell less court shoes each year. We know because there used to be a lot of plastic-top UK-made vegan court shoes made by E Sutton and RSS Edge, using a mesh lining to promote air circulation and offering a range of tops and heel heights. For a while, Veganline.com stocked most of the ones available through one wholesaler and topped-up supplies every month or two, so we got an idea of what sells and it is generally shoes for people who have been pressured to wear these uncomfortable things for work. One dark blue pair went to a Royal Navy officer. So it's a problem that vegan court shoes are made in a huge range of inspired styles, but that the customers are a shrinking group of people who don't much want to wear them.

A second problem for vegan womens fashion shoes is that when the promoters discover what a niche market it is, they tend to go up-market. It's hard to do anything else when using European manufacturers. Looking for upmarket customers, they tend to try and sell through upmarket boutiques and pay for PR in upmarket magazines, hoping that they can make 50% markup plus tax for the person who gets the shoes made and 50% plus tax for the shop. The result is a snazzy shoe selling to very few people.

Veganline.com hasn't done any better - producing this run-of-the-mill shoe with a special slightly loose absorbent lining , a comfortable one inch heel, and a rubber sole under the front. It isn't anything that anyone would notice, but if you are under pressure to wear court shoes, it could be the best option. One day we hope to have more designs and we're happy to work with anyone who wants to do the same. Meanwhile, please note that safety toe cap versions of the shoe are available if anyone wants a couple of dozen pairs and is willing to wait a few months, and that the rubber sole is marked "anti-static". So this is probably quite a strong shoe.

Made in UK    - Amnesty - Human Rights Watch - EthicalTrade.org-AZO-VOC- Jobs
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