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Veganline.com sells vegan or vegetarian shoes & boots online

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Camouflage Boots with cushion soles

camouflage tall steel toe boot >

vegan camouflage boot made in the UK from backed-canvas sewn to a thick solovair sole

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Camouflage Boots with cushion soles


Vegan Boots
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Camouflage shoes >
Camouflage tall boots >
£103.50 delivered UK

  • Made in UK
  • Made in a democracy
    8.15/10: Full Democracy according to the economist intelligence unit.
  • Made in a welfare state
  • Breathable upper
  • sewn-on 3 layer sole that moulds to the shape of your feet over time.Suitable for waxing: simply heat with a hair dryer and rub with a candle end
  • scroll down to see how these wear after years of everyday use
  • 200 joule steel toe cap
  • vegan non-leather shoe materials
  • EU safety certificate Vinyl toe cover over a steel toe cap on most sizes registered with the Vegan Society
    scroll-down to see what these look like after years of everyday use

Camouflage vegan shoe  Camouflage vegan ankle boot - this page  Camouflage vegan 14 eyelet boot
Made in UK    - Amnesty - Human Rights Watch - EthicalTrade.org-AZO-VOC- Jobs
Click to see why this isn't a copy and beware of better-known imitations
This is an original Solovair-sole, Goodyear-welted to a breathable top. Made in Northamptonshire since 1881. These boots a were inspired by the posters advertising the the Camouflage Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum London's Camouflage exhibition sponsored by Maharishi. This poll voted two-to-one in favour of taping-over the loose edges, and as the factory is in the UK and can make small batches they are able to do just that and and you can see a picture of it them doing it. These are shown on page 31 of the pdf Wildfire Magazine which can be downloaded from the Australian site free. More pictures: sole side taping the edges taping more
vegan camouflage boot made in the UK from backed-canvas sewn to a thick solovair sole
Boots like this can't be bought. You have to buy a pair like the ones at the top and wear them until they get like this after a few years of everyday use. You can also control how they look by waxing with black polish or candle wax.
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